DT Chiropractic – Meet The Team

DT Chiropractic of Canton, GA, provides quality chiropractic care, treatment, and customer service to the community. Dr. Dan Turner, founder of DT Chiropractic, works closely with his team to ensure patients’ needs are met.

Dr. Turner received his education from University of California, Irvine and Southern California University of Health Sciences. He specializes in sports injury, personal injury, post-surgical rehabilitation, physiotherapy, sports performance, and family care. Subsequent to founding DT Chiropractic, he served as head physician for several sports teams and the Soka University athletic department.

Dr. Turner works closely with a team of massage therapists and administrative staff to ensure that patients have a smooth and successful visit to DT Chiropractic. The passion and dedication of DT’s staff shines through in their work – they love what they do. Patient care and relief from pain is of the utmost importance to us and we are confident that with our vast array of patient experience, we can help you achieve success in treatment.

Dr. Daniel Turner, D.C.
Dr. Daniel Turner, D.C.Chiropractor
Dr. Turner specializes in complex sports injuries as well as injuries resulting from accidents. Throughout his career, Dr. Turner has treated numerous professional athletes. He has been the team doctor for multiple universities and sports teams.