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What our patients say


Dr. Dan is awesome! He takes the time to find out what’s hurting you and focuses his treatment on that area. The muscle work that he does before adjustments is vital to staying in good alignment. I highly recommend his services.

Mike M.

Dr. Turner is the best! Always takes time to find out how I’m feeling and if I have any new issues . He will target specific areas when necessary. He’s worked wonders on my neck problems. Best chiropractor and a great guy!

Becky S.

Dr. Turner has been both mine and my husband’s go-to Chiropractor since we moved back to town in the summer. (2016) We agree that we could not ask for a better, more personable and down to earth doctor. His experience and attention to your concerns shows. He is easy to talk to, on any topic it seems and is always in a great mood. He includes a muscle/deep tissue massage with your typical “cracking” treatment and great suggestions on keeping well stretched at home. We typically book our appointments for the same time/ together (we joke that it’s our “couples massage” haha!) We appreciate you Dr. Turner!

Vanessa G.

I walked into Dr. Dan’s office last month unable to walk, sit, stand, or perform regular daily functions or movements. My upper body was crooked like a question mark. He let me know that I likely pulled a muscle connector out of place while doing some flooring work, and as a result it caused the muscles in my back to overcompensate and tighten up. I hobbled back into his office, and an hour later I walked out, my torso straight again. After a couple days of soreness I felt good as new. He does great work, and gave me some tips for preventing the pain that have kept me feeling great since I left the office. Would highly recommend this chiropractic office!

Michael L.

Noticable improvement with each visit for Deep Tissue Massage, Eletric Shock for muscles , and the adjustments . Him and his Practice are Awesome

John T.

They spend the extra time to help you as much as possible. The work he does to loosen you up before the adjustment helps a lot.

Kevin P.

What our patients say


Thanks to Dr. Turner I feel better than I have in years. I have had pain in my hip and firmly believed I needed a hip replacement, also I was having bad headaches. After Dr. Turner did my first adjustment and massage I felt like a million dollars! I am so happy that he has been able to help me. My family members have told me how much better I look not being in pain all the time. Dr. Turner is kind, professional, funny and makes you feel at ease! I am so thankful that I found his practice and made the phone call for an appointment!

Bambi K.

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